Do you know where you’re feeling the burn?

As many of you know, I’m a fitness instructor.  Many of my blogs start on the stage.  Then I expand and give more detail on the page.  Hard to give details while you’re cuing and trying to breathe 🙂

I started this story the other week while huffing and puffing in class.  After our workout, my friend Debbie asked if I was going to be blogging about this.  I said no, too embarrassing (not that I haven’t blogged about embarrassing things already!)  Debbie said if I was going to stop writing about uncomfortable or awkward situations, she was going to stop reading! Well, we can’t have that!  So, here goes!

Now to get the full affect, I expect you readers to put on your exercise shoes and get to work!  Music on?  Limbered up? Feet apart, lunge side to side, reach your arms way across and feel those obliques burn!  images  HOW did that photo get in here?  I do not look like that!!   


Ahhhh, ok, this is more like it.  Ok, Keep going…I’ll wait until they burn.  That’s my job.  That photo is not a good likeness.  That girl is not working hard enough.  Trust me, it works better off paper and in the studio.  

During one of these weeks my kidneys start to hurt.  I’ve had kidney issues since I was a kid so it’s not that surprising.  I just called up my urologist and made an appointment.  Did I have the usual thoughts floating in my head….It’s not a tuma…(that’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent in case you can’t tell), is it some type of parasite crawling inside of me?….maybe they’ll name this mysterious illness after me…..  Of course I didn’t have thoughts like that–I’m NOT a crazy person!  

I go into the patients room with the doctor and nurse, tell them of my symptoms etc.  He asks me to point to where it hurts.  I reach behind me and to the side.  He says, ” Laura, those aren’t your kidneys, your kidneys are up higher, about two inches higher.”  In the next 10-15 seconds, it all comes together for me in my little brain.  

I had been doing this oblique routine multiple times in one week.  My obliques were killing me.  I’m a fitness instructor who should know the difference between kidney and oblique pain!!!! Even the nurse chuckled (but in her professional defense we do have that type of report).  Was I embarrassed?  I would say so.  How much did this little embarrassment cost me?  What do you think?  A specialty  doctor now-a-days….$100+.  The good news I didn’t have to take my clothes off.  Oh, and I guess the other good news is that I didn’t have a fatal disease or parasite growing inside me (not that I really thought I did-again NOT a crazy person). 


Itlbok, Really 

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3 thoughts on “Do you know where you’re feeling the burn?

  1. I LOVE your writing. It’s just like talking to you (well, it’s more fun in person because of your beautiful smile and great obliques…). But this story reminds me of when I was at the vet with one of my cats. This vet likes to educate his patients, so he showed me the X-ray of the cat and pointed to two little dark spots near the cat’s spine. What are those? he asked me. I am not a trained radiologist, but there were two of them and I was pretty sure that cats, like people, at two ears, two eyes, two lungs, so I said lungs!! Nope. Kidneys!! I didn’t know they were that high up either! LOL. I thought he would take away my cat. :-(. Can’t wait till your adventure next week. XO


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