No Posed Photos Please

I’ve had a few wonderful trips in the past few months.  As many of you know, I love to travel.   I’m not a fan of posed photos or “selfies”.  And I don’t think posed photos show the true time one is having at that moment.  If someone has to yell “cheese” for you to smile….c’mon….did you really want to smile? why did someone have to say something to get you to smile? and nobody is EVER thinking about cheese at that moment (unless of course you’re at the Wisconsin Cheese Factory  –product placement, I’m getting big bucks for that!).  Yes, I know, smarty-pants, saying cheese is just a way to get you to show off your pearly whites       (,   Ka ching Ka ching for product placement)

Recently I’ve gotten several compliments for two specific photos people have taken of me.  Why you ask?  Have I lost weight?  Gotten a new haircut?  Changed the color of my hair?  Different make-up?  Sucked in my stomach, pushed out my chest, lifted my arm so my tricep doesn’t dangle?  C’mon we all know these tricks!  Posed, so that my adjacent friend can pull back a possible double chin? (have you heard that trick?) None of these!   Both photos, my back was to the camera!!!   There was a bit of my profile showing.  I guess.  Maybe.

Another commonality?  In both photos, I wasn’t talking.  Now, of course, you can’t talk in photos, I understand that.  But you could tell I hadn’t been talking for awhile.  I was alone…contemplating.  Yes, I was actually pensive.  I think that’s what people liked about the photo.  Or I should say, surprised them–I CAN, at times, keep my mouth shut!  I can see the photographer thinking “Holy Crap—I just found a rare siting!  I must photograph this once in a lifetime moment.  Who knows when this will happen again?”

Full disclosure, the background of these photos was beautiful.  Sedona for one and the German countryside for the other.  So, let’s face it, you put yourself up next to a cute puppy and people are going to smile and feel good.  Is it you or the puppy?  Don’t ask!  Just take the compliment 🙂

And no, I’m am not going to put these photos in this post because then as readers you would feel the need to respond etc and that would be like Facebook.  And who needs more Facebook ?!?!


Itlbok, really!

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9 thoughts on “No Posed Photos Please

  1. so excited to see your blog again!!!!

    can you send me your cell number? I thought I had it but can’t find it.

    On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 12:18 PM ITLBOK, Really! wrote:

    > Laura posted: “I’ve had a few wonderful trips in the past few months. As > many of you know, I love to travel. I’m not a fan of posed photos or > “selfies”. And I don’t think posed photos show the true time one is having > at that moment. If someone has to yell “cheese” ” >


  2. Laura, you are pretty funny and creative in your writing ✍️. Thanks for the chuckle cheese 😊.

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    • Thanks Robert! And coming from a funny guy like you that’s a big compliment! Just sitting down to write reminds me how much I love to do it.


  3. What a nice surprise to see ITLBOK back! I’ve never heard of the friend holding back a double chin…have to check that out. Lucky me, tho–I’ve seen the photos in questions and believe me, tho the backgrounds are stunning, they’re nothing compared to you. It’s clear that you are taking in all that beauty and making it part of your beautiful interior which we all love as much as your beautiful exterior. However, when I travel, I like to have my people in the photos of the pretty places. The people I go with are the reason I travel, for their company, and enjoying their experience. So I don’t mind posing and cheesing it up sometimes. Just FYI. XO


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