Emily Post Didn’t Cover Everything

I just finished listening to a Brene’ Brown TED talk. She is a lecturer and an author with a PHd who studies, among other things, human connection. I am a “newbie” when it comes to Brene’ Brown but I like what she has to say. Obviously I don’t have my Phd (actually maybe that isn’t so obvious. Maybe you guys just *assume* I have my Phd with all the intelligent, knowledgeable insights that I make :-))

But seriously I think I spend my life watching and observing  different types of human connection. And especially now it’s more important than ever we try and have interaction. That’s why I love talking to people and strangers because I love connecting to everyone. I will almost always find something in common with anyone. I will find a way to “connect” with anyone; To make them smile and have them feel connected to me. It may take awhile. It may be a long and winding road, but I will get there. They may run away while I’m trying to connect with them, but I will do it!!

I guess this is the reason I write these blogs. For me to connect with my readers. Laughter is my way to unite, in a happy, positive way. There is enough negativity. 

Onward to this issue.

The setting is the doctor’s office. Yes, I know many of my blogs recently are at the doctors office. Unfortunately your choice is doctor’s office or grocery store. That’s my few “go to” places of late. I walk in the woods often with my dog, but besides getting hit in the head with a tree limb, not too many humorous things happen there. And lately, the people in the grocery store look more anxious than in the doctor’s office. It’s eyes straight ahead, don’t talk to me, which direction is this aisle?, crap I have to turn around, my mask is fogging up my glasses etc. The doctors office has become more relaxing. They only allow a few people in at a time, you know everything is sterile, I’m out of my house, this has now become my “good life”.

Now here’s an interesting etiquette question for everyone. Please feel free to give me your feelings on how you would handle this situation. I’m in my doctor’s office bathroom preparing my urine sample-enough said. This facility does not have one of those handy little wall “vault” windows where you put your urine in and someone magically takes it from the other side.

Like it’s some precious jewel or a drug deal going down. So here you just put your name on the cup and leave it on the counter. As I’m finished, I walk out and a gentleman needs to use the bathroom after me. A goodlooking gentleman, of course. Not an eighty year old man but a nice looking, “how you doing” type of man. Of course, my nurse is no where in sight. What do I do? What’s the “urine on the counter” etiquette? The dialogue went something like this:

Mewalking out of bathroom:  “of course you can use the bathroom but, um….my urine sample is on the counter. I mean, I don’t care if you see my urine. You can see my urine, but I don’t know if you want to see my urine.  I won’t take it personally if you don’t want to see my urine.  But you may want to give my urine privacy?”

Good looking guy says, ” I don’t mind that your urine is in there.  And thank you for letting me know that.  But you’re right, maybe we should give your urine privacy”.  

He’s blushing a little, my eyes are cast downward, we’re both being a little awkward like we’re on a blind date!!

Should I now stay with my urine? what if he wants my urine to do unscrupulous things with it? Would he switch it with his drug filled urine? Has he been waiting outside a doctor’s bathroom for hours just waiting for this opportunity? I mean my urine is pristine. People pay me for my urine!!! I’m not giving it away for free!

?!?!?! I mean what the heck ?!?! What does one do? Nurse??? Hello?

I mentioned this to another friend of mine who happens to be a nurse. She works at a facility where the bathroom is outside the office and down the hall. So you have to carry your urine down the hall where there are other businesses. So imagine walking and bumping into people you know carrying your urine. AND you’re not even in a doctors office. They might be walking to their dentist’s office. And they see you walking down the hall carrying your urine? LOLOL Try hiding that while you’re having your quickie conversation. Nonchalanting putting it behind your back. LaLaLaLa, ” how are the kids?”, “how’s your golf game?”, “yes, it looks like rain”,  It’s no big deal.  Just keep walking with a urine filled cup. Don’t ask questions. Just keep making eye contact with me and then move on!

See how you can still find amusement during these pandemic filled days 🙂


Itlbok, really!

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