Does the Universe Throw Bricks?

Well, I’m starting my blog.

I guess you can call it a stream of consciousness…..but when the universe is telling you to do something, by golly, when the universe practically smacks you in the head to move on and do something with your life, I guess it’s time to listen.

This all happened within two weeks….My foot has started acting up, went to podiatrist and was told I have plantar fasciitis in both feet and heel spur in one foot.  Unfortunately I’m also a Fitness instructor -so that doesn’t help.  So, I went down to two classes a week–not much at all.  Do I think it’s time to look for another profession?  NOPE.   Am I listening to universe yet?  NOPE!  Brick hasn’t quite reached my head yet.  wordpress

At this time I’m listening to Tao of Pooh on Audible.  Which basically says go with the flow…which way the wind takes you…you get my point.  Please don’t message me and tell me I have the point of Taoism totally wrong, this is the point I got out of it.  Not that I’m listening to the point, mind you.  I’m just in the car going la la la la la   My life is so sad….Pity Party me  (and yes I know logically my life is VERY good, but still I’m very SAD.  Sadness doesn’t need logic.  I don’t need logic as you’ll get to know).

I’m also listening to Kevin Hart, I Can’t Make This Up:  Life Lessons. icantmakethisup2_1024x1024@2x He’s a comedian and it’s about his life.  A very funny book.  I totally recommend you listen to it vs reading it.  Kevin reading his own writing is wonderful.  And he ends most chapters with lessons he’s learned.  At chapter 57 or 58 (they’re short chapters, don’t freak out, it’s not War and Peace), he mentions something about when the Universe tells you it’s time to move on, maybe it’s time you should listen (I’m paraphrasing here, Kevin, don’t yell at me).

So what makes me stop and listen?  pain in feet?  Tao?  my friends?  none of this.  Kevin Hart!  Kevin Hart actually is the one that had me stop and look at my life!

Now my friend Bob also gave me an analogy of two trains.  One leaving from CA at 110 mph, the other leaving MA at 80 mph, when will they meet?  Just kidding.  Just seeing if you’re listening 🙂 It’s two trains going parallel directions and then travelling further and further apart.  But they are attached by a rubber band.  One train is what you’re doing in life now, the other is what you should be doing…or moving on.  As the trains go further and further apart, the rubber band is going to break or get very tense before the trains get close again. Meaning your life is going to get bad before you see it needs to change.

So he also encourages me to move on and find something new to do with my life.

What I need to explain is, I feel very very empty and alone.  Should I have mentioned that in the beginning?  You’ve probably been asking yourself, what is this woman’s problem?  And who cares?  My kids are gone-empty nest (well one’s a boomerang–but that’s another story), my husband works, my friends either work or have family of their own they are busy with.  I don’t need to work (yes, boohoo, I can hear you all saying)

Like I said earlier, I have NO reason to complain.  My kids are healthy, I’m healthy, my husband’s healthy, and I don’t have money problems.  But I’m very very lonely and bored.

OK–the only reason I told you that is because that is the REAL reason for this blog!

I love talking to people!  All people.  I love learning little things about people.  And I love sharing my funny adventures.  People wonder how or why funny things always happen to me.  But truthfully, I think funny things happen to everyone. It’s just in the way you look at it AND if you’re open to it!

And how’s this for another Universe has its hands in things (sorry Kevin you didn’t help with this one), I’m at Barnes in Noble-my favorite hang out with my group of friends, whom I met 4 years by butting into their conversation.  Now we’re great friends!!   My friends were discussing my life-yes, totally fascinating conversation (actually I’m sure they are so tired of my pity party they just wanted to shut me up and move onto a different topic, like politics, weather, or a new Ben & Jerry ice cream flavor–anything!)

A friend mentioned blogging.  That there are many people in my position and it would be fascinating (obviously I need to use my thesaurus). I have no problem talking to people, I love meeting new and different people, goodness knows I love talking about my experiences and l enjoy bringing joy into people’s lives……trill la la la (blue bird flying around my head).   A total stranger was on line (or in line depending where in the country you’re from) butted into our conversation (remember that’s how I became friends with this group, so I enjoy people like that) and totally agreed, I should blog!!  I’m like, excuse me?  Who are you? What? Where? Why?  She started blogging years ago.  She came over to our table and started talking to us, for like 15 minutes!  She loves blogging, it’s really easy.  Used the example of Julia and Julie.   We found out she grew up in the same home town from across the country as our friend Nora.  Again, talk about serendipitous.  I was getting so excited.

And let’s face it–NOW I have a REASON to tell my stories.  Before it was just for me.  But now it’s so I can use it in my BLOG!  All my espresso and tea drinks, do I get to “write it off” (hence Kramer reference-any Seinfeld folks out there?)  AND a real reason to talk to total strangers!

Come and follow me and life’s fascinating journeys (will someone buy me a theasaurus—yes, I have it on my computer, it’s just funnier this way!) to the grocery store (I actually took a survey in a restaurant on whether or not people say supermarket-like me-or grocery store. Yes, walked up to tables and booths asking them which word they use.  I was totally outnumbered.  Hence why I now say grocery store), book store, dog walking, PLUS traveling alone, with my husband and with friends.  Basically, trying to find life after 50 with not many skills besides talking to new people I meet. 😊   But these are the interesting tales I will weave and you can read.  IF you stay tuned.


ITLBOK, really

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